No such thing as a wasted vote

John Waldenberger, candidate for PA House District 53

Dear Voters

This coming Tuesday, November 6th we have yet again another opportunity to exercise our right to vote. This is one of the greatest rights that we possess, to choose our leaders to represent us and unite us.

I write with two purposes in mind to inform you, and urge you to get out and JUST VOTE!

First I wish to inform you that there is no such thing as “wasting your vote/throwing it away” by voting third party. When you go to the ballot, do so knowing who your choices are, not what Fox or CNN tell you. I am not going to tell you how to vote but suggest that it is time for a change. You have more than two choices, and in most elections, despite how the old parties try to prevent it, always do.

In my district, out of 40,000 eligible voters, only 7,000-10,000 voters turned out for the 2018 Primary. That is just under 25% of those eligible to vote, less than 20% when you factor registered Independents and Third parties. Granted, we have a closed primary system where only registered D’s and R’s can vote, but that is still really low! Does that mean that people are fed up with the two old parties, and feel they no longer are represented? Or is it just lack of drive to participate?

Third party votes, represent many things. They first establish, and show the old parties that they do not deserve your vote by default. It shows them that we will not stand for the same old establishment. If you align with a third-party candidate on principals, that should be your vote! Voting for Person A does not equate to a “buy one get one free” vote for Person B, causing/preventing Person C from winning/loosing.

The old rhetoric that third party candidates just don’t win, is wrong! There are many local level positions held by third parties. The Libertarian party alone has about 200 nationwide, I should know, I am one! It is also wrong, because they can’t win, unless you actually vote for them. Even if they don’t win, there are many benefits that voting for them garnish, including gaining similar rights to ballot access and funding that the old parties receive!

What-ever the case may be, the only way to “waste your vote” is by not voting. Learn who all of the candidates are on your ballot, it is very easy to find a sample ballot by contacting the county Board of elections or visiting their websites (links provided at the end). Find their websites, and social media channels, just google them! Vote based not on party, but on principals. What is it that YOU BELIEVE is the best direction for your municipality? District? The State? Our country? Not every candidate on the “straight party ticket” button may meet your criteria. It is OKAY TO VOTE ACROSS PARTY LINES! You do not have to vote for the same candidates of your registered party, in the General Election!

I recommend checking out the website: and participating in their survey. Take either the short or the expanded, and they will even point you to which Candidates will line up closest to you (from current and previous elections).

Candidates for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (based on state party website) in the general circulation area include

  • Ken Krawchuck for Governor
  • Kathleen Smith for Lt. Governor
  • Dale Kerns for US Senate
  • WRITE-IN, Steve Scheetz for US Congressional District 1 (OLD CD-8)
  • Tim Silfies for US Congressional District 7 (NEW CD-7)
  • Sandra Salas for the Special Election of the old CD-7
  • John Waldenberger, State Representative in the 53rd District

Candidates for the Green Party of Pennsylvania (based on state party website) in the general circulation area include:

  • Paul Glover, For Governor
  • Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick, for Lt. Governor
  • Neal Gale, for US Senate
  • Brianna Johnston, for the Special Election of the old CD-7

To see your actual ballot, and learn more about candidates running in your area, please visit the following websites, and Facebook pages!

Bucks County Board of Elections:

Montgomery County Board of Elections:

Bucks County Libertarian Party: Website: Facebook: @BucksLibs

Montgomery County Libertarian Committee: Website: Facebook: @montcolp

Bucks County Green Party: Website: Facebook: @bcpagreens

Montgomery County Green Party: Website: Facebook: @MontcoGreens

Above all this remember these words from a good friend of mine, “If you’re tired of the way things are, change how you vote. Otherwise, you will just keep getting more of the same. And I have had just, about, enough.”

John Waldenberger

Libertarian Candidate for State Represenatative, 53rd District
Telford Borough Minority Inspector of Elections
Local Business Owner

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