Montco PA 2018 Election Opportunities

State Representative

One of the best ways for a Libertarian make an impact is to run for State Representative. Although the signature requirement to get on the ballot is unfairly high compared to that of the major parties, it is still achievable without having to pay signature collectors. Each state rep represents about 60,000 voters. This is big enough to get some attention, but small enough to be able to get your message out without having to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In Januray long time state rep Robert Godshall (R - Lansdale/Souderton) announced his retirement presenting an opportunity for a Libertarian to run and have an impact in a fresh field of candidates. The list of state representative positions up for election in Montgomery County in 2018 are listed here. Are you up for the challenge?

District Incumbent Incumbent Party Incumbent Since Location Signatures Required (2%)
26 Tim Hennessey R 1993 Pottstown 453
53 Robert Godshall R 1983 Lansdale 360
61 Kate Harper R 2003 North Wales 410
70 Mathew Bradford D 2009 Norristown 369
131 Justin Simmons R 2011 Pennsburg 428
146 Tom Quigley R 2015 Limerick 302
147 MarcyToepel R 2010 Schwenksville 401
148 Mary Jo Daley D 2013 Ambler 494
149 Tim Briggs D 2009 Upper Merion 448
150 Michael Corr R 2007 Collegeville 342
151 Todd Stephens R 2011 Horsham 408
152 Thomas Murt R 2007 Hatboro 430
153 Madeleine Dean D 2012 Abington 490
154 Stephen McCarter D 2013 Cheltenham 542
157 Warren Kampf R 2011 Upper Providence 383
166 Greg Vitali D 1993 Lower Merion 476
172 Kevin Boyle D 2011 Rockledge 323
194 Pamela Delissio D 2011 Lower Merion 460

State Senate

Every two years, half of the state senate seats are up for reelection. In 2018 there are four state senate seats on the ballot that touch Montgomery County. One of those is currently held by long time Senator Stewart Greenleaf who recently announced he would not be running for another term.

Senatorial District Incumbent Incumbent Party Incumbent Since Signatures Required (2%)
4 Arthur Haywood III D 2014 1561
12 Stewart Greenleaf R 1978 1007
24 Bob Mensch R 2009 838
44 John Rafferty R 2002 974

U.S. Congress

Running for Congress as a Librertarian in PA is not easy. The large signature requirement for ballot access imposed by the State Legislature unfairly discriminates against third party and independent candidates. Additionally major party candidates generally have large fundraising advantages gained from taking funds from the state parties as well as from unscrupulous wealthy donors and special interest groups seeking favorable treatment from government.

However, all is not lost. The 2018 election cycle is shaping up to be a good one for Pennsylvania Libertarians to make an impact. In January the PA Supreme court found Pennsylvania's Congressional districts to be unconstitutionally gerrymandered and ordered all of them to be redrawn. If the ruling stands, the resulting congressional districts should be more competitive between the two major parties, at least in theory. This is mostly good news for Libertarians. Districts with an even split of Democratic and Republican voters are more easily disrupted by third parties and independents. This effectively gives the Libertarians more power and makes it harder for the major party candidates to ignore a Libertarian candidate screaming from the sidelines. Here are the opportunities in Montgomery County PA to run for US Congress. 

Congressional District Incumbent Incumbent Party Incumbent Since Signatures Required (2%)
8 Bryan Fitzpatrick R 2016 4146
6 Ryan Costello R 2014 4150
7 Pat Meehan R 2010 4514
13 Brendan Boyle D 2014 4787
2 Dwight Evans D 2016 6451

Interested in running for one of these positions? Contact us. We are here to help.  

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